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A Flea Market for Research Data

Socialise your statistical data and generate insights by collaborating with other researchers, data scientists and data journalists. Discuss your recent research results or hot topics like renewable energy or simply use 42-data to manage your statistical data following Open Data standards.

Always remember: Use data to back up your arguments!

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42-data helps you validating your arguments by embedding the facts directly to your questions or answers. Following the focus on the scientific domain, facts can be composed of specific resource types, such as tables or papers. Nice side effect: you can bookmark interesting resources in your user profile.

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Inside 42-data, discussions are associated to campaigns and featured with tags to give you a clear view. While browsing through crowd-sourced knowledge or available Open Data endpoints, you can find new insights to share with others.

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42-data is a data-centric discussion and data bookmarking portal, where you can get value out of your data nuggets. So if you are a researcher, data scientist or data journalist, you can interact with each others in the discussion forum: prove your arguments with own or open available (statistical) data or simply link out to the right research (e.g., Slideshare presentation or research paper on Mendeley).

The most interesting part: If people like your activities, they will send you donations!

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Currently we are in a beta version of 42-data. We do our very best to refine our workflows to improve your experience. Please help us to advance by by sending us your feedback. Here you can use the feedback service included in the lower left corner of 42-data.

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